Equivalence of Information flow and Time

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A formula is developed that describes a quadratic relationship between information and time and at the same time the equivalence of information flow and time.

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Information; Time; Energy; Entropy;


In today’s information age, the term „Information“ has become more and more important. We are living in a time of renewed paradigm shift, away from the traditional concepts of energy and matter to the prevailing concept of information in today’s information age. Although the concepts of energy and matter are still present and important in our world, they are increasing being replaced by the concept of information. This applies not only to biology with its deeper biochemistry and molecular biology, but also to physics. This is where the term „information“ plays an increasingly important role alongside energy and matter as the third fundamental quantity. The American physicist JOHN ARCHIBALD WHEELER considers an information-theoretical reformulation of quantum theory in general to be promising. He once said: „Tomorrow we will have learned how to understand all physics in the language of information and how to express it in this language“. The experimental physicist ANTON ZEILINGER, Vienna, even equates information with reality. Even if reality is not a concept of physics and the concept of effect has no particularly descriptive meaning physics, one can understand physical reality as a single effect or as the sum of all effects.

From the publication of the article „Equivalrnce of Energy and Time“ [1, 2]. It is only a small step to the writing of the article „Equivalence of Information flow and Time“. This will be explained below:

Derivation of the formula

In Foundations of Physics, [1] developed the formula for the first time within framwork of the thermodynamics of the isolated particle:

                      A/h = S/k


                      S = k · ln2 · H


                    A = h · ln2 · H


                      A = E · t

it follows that

                    E = h · ln2 · H/t

Now, on the other hand, Energy E is equivalent to time t, as published [2].

                      E = (h/tp2) · t

This results

                      ln2 · tp2 · H = t2

which shows the quadratic relationship of information and time and at thr same time the equivalence of information flow and time.

                    t = ln2 · tp2 · H/t

If one inserts the age of the universe tu = 13.8 billion years for the time t, then one obtains the information of the universe with 1.35 · 10122 bit, as published in excelent aggreement in  [3-6].


The concept of information has found its way into physics at various points. So it is not surprising that the concept of information can also be related to the concept of time. It is astonishing that the equivalence of information flow and time could be found in this way.


Information and Time are two fundamental key concepts to describe reality.They enable the calculation of information and dark energy in the universe. A better understanding of reality is thereby achieved.

Definition of symbols used in formulas

H = SHANNON information entropy

H/t = information flow

t = time

tu = age of the universe

E = energy

S = thermodynamic entropy

k = BOLTZMANN constant

A = action

h = PLANCK quantum of action

tp = PLANCK Time                                                                                                                                          


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Published date: October 30, 2022


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Jöge FM (2022) Equivalence of Information flow and Time. OSP Journal of Physics and Astronomy 3: JPA-3-139.

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Friedhelm M Jöge

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