Editor is key factor deals with any received information, complained or misconduct by the author or reviewer. Editor is the point of contact for the authors, reviewers and the publisher. The editor has the right to take decision on a manuscript whether to accept or reject for publication. Some important guidelines are given below following the Guidelines for editors and Code of Conduct of COPE.

  • The primary role of an editor is to take care of Peer review process, suggestions to improve the journal quality by complying the policy guidelines given by the publisher.
  • Check whether the submitted manuscript fits within the scope of journal and assign the article to the appropriate reviewer's based on area of expertise.
  • Editors have complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article according to journal policies.
  • Manuscript received for review must be treated as confidential document.
  • Editor should give unbiased consideration to each manuscript submitted for publication, and should judge each on its merits, without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation of the author.
  • An Editor can make necessary changes in the manuscript
  • Editor to establish clear statement of journal's & editorial policies and guidelines to authors for preparing and submission of manuscripts.
  • Submitted manuscript must not be used in any form by editor's own work. Editors should not allow any conflicts of interest between staff, authors, reviewers and board members.
  • Notify authors of solicited manuscripts that the submission will be evaluated according to the journal's standard procedures or outlining the decision-making process if it differs from those procedures.
  • Editor is responsible to retract the paper if the published work is not valid or if consist any errors.